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Monica Joseph, love being, colonic, colonic hydrotherapy, reiki, portland, oregon

 Hi, my name is Monica

Monica’s journey with gut health began when she experienced intense menstrual symptoms, reoccurring slipping ribs, and chronic diarrhea. She learned how gluten and dairy were causing inflammation and disturbance in her gut. After receiving a series of colonics and testing different diets her symptoms were drastically reduced.

Monica’s background experience is in helping individuals better their lives through clean spaces, nutritious meals and healthy lifestyles. She is a personal chef focusing on nutritious meal prep tailored to any diet or cuisine.


Check out her website for more information. Click here

In 2023, Monica spent a year apprenticing with Master Colonic Hydrotherapist, Alec Steury, of Love Being. She is a natural student, adept, intuitive, warm, calming, and precise. As of February 2024, she is available to book colonics with.


Monica is a living, breathing body of light, a rare human with tremendous compassion for everyone. Whether you're new or a regular, let Monica's heartfelt, intuitive nature guide you to a life more free from pain, stuckness and suffering. She’s here for you. 


Flow freely together. 

Alec Steury, love being, colonic, colonic hydrotherapy, reiki, portland, oregon

Monica and Franklin 

I am a being of

pure love.

With every thought I think,   

every word I speak,

every action I take,

I desire to

be more love.

I am sovereign.

My body and mind are mine 

and mine alone.

I am responsible for my being.

I honor my sovereignty 

by taking total responsibility

for how I choose to live.

I am free.

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