75 mins - $120
Pckg. of 3 - $340

Sliding scale pricing available to those in need

Via gravity, filtered water is drawn simultaneously into and out of the body naturally, and without force. Through the interaction of water, gravity and skillful bodywork, stagnant waste(s) trapped within the colon are effortlessly released. The colonic method employed at Love Being (based on The Wood's Gravity Method) is the most gentle, and, subsequently, most powerful form of colonic hydrotherapy available. Nothing is ever rushed or forced, as such, results are always in alignment with the deepest needs of the body. The Wood's Gravity Method is a Closed-System style of colon hydrotherapy. This means, that waste is evacuated safely and hygienically through a tube and disposed of immediately. There is no mess or smell. Bodywork consists of light touch along the abdomen and back at specific points, and is done with great care and attention.

Colonics at Love Being are a symbiosis of human ingenuity and a holistic understanding of nature. The environment is clean and serene, and you will be helped in every way by a highly-skilled and experienced practitioner.


*If you are new to colon hydrotherapy, or looking for a "shift", it is encouraged that you do a series of at least 3 colonics close together. A few days or up to a week apart will do depending on the individual. Colonics can initiate a powerful healing response that may necessitate deeper cleansing in order to experience the truly magical clarity that is the inherent potential of a properly performed series of colonics. 




 3 hrs - $260

Sliding scale pricing available to those in need

Intuitive shamanic energy work + colonic magic. This is a Shamanic Colonic. 


Experience the deeply transformative power of shamanic energy work coupled with an amazing colonic. The combined force of these synergistic practices catalyzes transformation, opening multidimensional pathways of healing through body, mind and heart. 


Working with whatever intention(s) you bring to the session + the innate wisdom of your body's own intelligence, and drawing from a repertoire of healing tools, destructive, stagnant patterns are cleared at an energetic level and new patterns are seeded. The nervous system and subtle energetic systems of the body are brought into greater harmony, and the way is made clear for an extraordinary colonic. 


If you are seriously stuck, or simply want to gift yourself a deeply nourishing and healing experience, this is the way to go.

Love yourself. Love your mind. Love your body. Love your actions. Take action.

*Healing tools utilized in this work include, but are not limited to Reiki (energy work), sacred songs and mantra, drumming, singing bowls, crystals, flower essences, essential oils, sage, tobacco and palo santo. To understand more about the energetic aspect of this work, please see below. 

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Energy Work

90 mins - $160

Sliding scale pricing available to those in need

Shamanic Energy Work is a dynamic and ever-evolving practice drawing from the study of Reiki (traditional hands-on healing), various shamanic practices, vibrational medicine, mantra, the study of plants, and more. It is an intersection of healing pathways woven into a unique creation to fit the unique needs of each individual.

Sessions begin with the setting of a joint intention. Then, by entering an altered state induced through sound and vibration, we move beyond the confines of the logical mind to a more open and receptive state of being. In this state, destructive habits and patterns can be addressed at their roots. By accessing the subtle layers in which these invisible geometries are born, and by lovingly encouraging their removal, the seeds for more beneficial patterns can be sown. 


Most of us do not allow ourselves space or time to rest in a state of lucid repose, where we can observe the inner workings of our mind, or the subtlety of our emotions. Rarely do we allow another person to truly take care of us. These simple acts alone can be profoundly healing. When this is coupled with the consciously directed healing force of song, sound, mantra, vibration, drum, prayer and touch, we allow the miraculous to unfold through us. We are made aware of the innate healing power within— the power and presence of the life force of the universe.


Help yourself. Heal yourself. 

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