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90 mins


Pckg. of 3 - $400

Via gravity, filtered water is drawn into and out of the body, while skillful touch is applied along the back and abdomen. Quickly, what is stuck becomes unstuck. You’re in control the entire time, yet paradoxically, you don’t have to “do” anything. This is the magic of a Closed-System, Gravity-Centered colonic. It is a powerful experience of detox, cleansing and renewal affecting all aspects of the heart, body and mind. If you’re new to colonics, and/or looking for a deeper shift, you’re encouraged to do a series of two to three colonics close together. Spacing them two days to a week apart works best for most people. You do not have to do a series to receive the benefit of a colonic. A single colonic can be a life-changing experience. If you are unsure, come see me. I’ll assess what is going on, and then give you feedback on the best way to proceed. Colonics can be purchased in packages of three, and receive a discount of $30 off the base price. Colonics are for you if you are: *Wanting to feel more vital, clear, and alive. *Chronically or acutely constipated. *Consistently and uncomfortably bloated. *Experiencing a sense of fullness or heaviness in the body and/or abdomen. *Feeling “stuck” in your body or life. *Needing to detox from anything—substances, people, places, situations, etc. *Feeling “toxic.” *Constantly anxious. *Wanting to experience more clarity of mind. *Seeking a deeper, clearer, more vital sense of embodiment.



180 mins


A Shamanic Colonic is an Energy Work Session followed by a Colonic. A three hour reality-shifting deep dive into a whole new you. Working with whatever intention you bring to the session, and the innate wisdom of your body's intelligence, we recalibrate, reconnect, transform, and transmute negative and destructive patterns at the most subtle levels of reality. Drawing from a repertoire of healing tools and modalities, destructive, stagnant patterns are cleared at the root, and new, more holistic patterns are seeded. The body's nervous and subtle energetic systems are reset, and you’re left feeling deeply rested and ready for release. Healing tools typically employed are: song, reiki, silence, crystals, sound healing instruments, sage, palo santo, flower essences, rattle, drum and chakapa. Greater harmony, flow, abundance, and ease is the natural outcome. Why pair energy work with colonics? Because: *You want a more expansive healing experience in combination with your colonic. *You need to detox from anything—substances, people, places, situations, etc. *You need redirection, help, more clarity. *You need clearing and integration. *You desire to go deeper than ever before. *To understand more about the energetic aspect of this work, please read about my Energy Work offering.



90 mins



Shamanic Reiki is an ever-evolving practice drawing originally from the study of Reiki—a traditional Japanese hands-on-healing technique I’ve been practicing for 20+ years. You can think of me like a tuning fork resonating at a very high frequency, as well as a radio antenna sending and receiving information and instructions. Currents of energy move through my body—in fact, you will probably feel me spontaneously shake throughout the session. This is the movement of the universal life force through my field. In these sessions, we can address anything that you bring to the table—mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual—or we can follow the energetic breadcrumb trail and see what magic arises naturally. Sessions can be done in-person, or remotely. At the end of your session, for both in-person and distance work, you will receive a copy of your session “notes,” as well as a short, voice-recorded explanation. Questions and dialogue are welcome and encouraged. This is for you if: You feel out of sorts, disconnected from yourself and from the world around you. You are curious about energy work/reiki and want to see how it might help you. You are looking for a nervous system reset. You have a particular problem that feels impossibly stuck. You need help releasing stagnancy, but don't feel drawn to a colonic. You are seeking energetic support with ancestral and lineage-based healing. You are looking for different ways to address trauma. You would like to experience something beautiful, deeply restorative, and harmonizing.

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