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 Hello, my name is Alec

24 years ago I had a BIG dream. When I woke up, everything was different—literally. What had previously seemed so important, no longer was. A new pathway had revealed itself. I took it. Ever since, I've pursued my calling as a healer.


In this pursuit, I've studied colon hydrotherapy, nutrition and cellular detoxification protocols, Reiki (energy medicine), herbalism, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, meditation, mantra, yoga, Shamanistic practices, sound healing, art, writing and storytelling.

My professional foray into healing work first came through colonic hydrotherapy and apprenticeship with my teacher, Wendy Jones, whom I studied with in 2004. Since then, I've logged 30,000+ client hours, opened two successful practices, and given more than 25,000 colonics. 


I opened Love Being out of the desire to build a practice most in alignment with my purpose on this planet— to offer myself in service to my community and the world.


I am here for you.

I am a being of love

I desire

with every thought I think   

every word I speak

every action I take

to be more love

I am sovereign

My mind is mine and mine alone

I am responsible for my being

I honor my sovereignty 

by taking total responsibility

for how I choose to live

I am free

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