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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy has deep historical roots, showing up globally across many ancient cultures and traditional methods of healing. This includes Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and various folk and indigenous medicinal practices worldwide. It is a purgation practice, meaning, that its power lies in the expulsion from the body anything not serving the greater holistic benefit of the human organism. The only thing removed from the body during a colonic is what you don't want inside your body. To put it bluntly, your crap. Furthermore, colonics, act across a spectrum of dimensions, creating subtle (and not so subtle) interactions along the spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and material planes we exist within. Colonic hydrotherapy can profoundly and beneficially effect the heart, body and mind.

At Love Being, I employ a simple, machine-less method of colonic hydrotherapy relying solely upon the action of gravity to draw water into and waste out of the body. In the world of colonics, this is the most gentle, effective and thorough way of removing waste from the body. Throughout the duration of your session, we will never "ask" your body to do anything it cannot perfectly handle. In fact, your body is is "in control" the entire time. We are simply, co-creatively, asking and working with the body to find the perfect pathways for release. This is done through the holding of sacred space, lucid conversation, energy work and light touch along specific points along the spine, ribs, hips, sacrum and abdomen that are essential to the practice. It is a safe and effective method of quickly releasing the sensation of heaviness, dullness, fullness, "stuckness" and lethargy. There is no smell, no mess, no fuss. And though it might sound embarrassing, it (strangely enough) is not.

I've had over a hundred colonics in my life, and continue the practice on the regular, despite experiencing extraordinary health, vitality and regular bowel movements every day. In fact, colonics have been an essential key to my own healing process, and continue to provide profound, immediate release form the rigors and stress of living in the world. Like yoga, massage, breath-work, mediation, it is another tool in the dynamic, ever-evolving kit I use to stay open, aware, and woke in my body, my heart and my mind. 

Colonics are safe for almost everybody, of all ages and all situations, except these.

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