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Love Being, colonics, colonic hydrotherapy, reiki, portland, oregon

Awake and Free

Love Being is Portland, Oregon's top-rated colonic studio. 


At Love Being, we utilize a closed-system (machine-less), gravity-centered method of colon hydrotherapy. By aligning ourselves with nature and the body, remarkable results are achieved with minimal force. 


Flow is the inevitable outcome. 

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Love Being provides a variety of holistic services to aid you in the process of release, cleansing, and nervous system reset. 


90 mins


A colonic radically transforms your entire being by helping you to quickly and easily let go of everything that no longer serves you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is my signature service and is one of the most powerful ways to effect change and empower the body to experience higher levels of health, abundance, vitality, and clarity of mind.  

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Shamanic Colonic

180 mins


A 3-hour deep-dive into a whole new you! A Shamanic Colonic is a combination of a Shamanic Energy Work Session followed immediately by a Colonic. This is a wonderful, way to prep the body for the deep (physical) work of a colonic and gently set the stage for release. A profoundly restorative, transformative, and ceremonial experience of letting go.  

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Shamanic Reiki

90 mins


Shamanic Reiki is a dynamic, ever-evolving practice combining Reiki (energy work), sound healing, and something akin to magic (but physicalized) through touch, presence, intention, and the element of PURE LOVE.  Rest and reset the nervous system, release what does not serve, and repattern at the deepest levels of reality. 

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The path of love 
draws us inwards

Through skillful action and intention
we catalyze potent transformation


heart, body, and mind.

Accessing what has been stuck
across many dimensions and

letting go of what no longer serves us,
we bring balance,
and illuminate our being.
No need to hold on to the past
if it doesn't serve the future.

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